My Waist Trainer

I’m not going to pretend I’m one of those super fit thin people (because that’d be a lie) so rather than commit to using a Waist Trainerall year around, I use it when I feel there’s a need.


  1. That event– if I have a big event coming up & need to get rid of that slight tummy bulge for THE DRESS then a couple of weeks of Waist Training & I’m back on my tummy game!
  2. Fad diet time!… so I’ve indulged on my holidays then I need to go on whatever fad diet is going around at the time (Atkins, Cabbage Soup, Shredco, Paleo… you name it, I’ve done them!), so during that time I use the Waist Trainer for the first few weeks to kick start the diet, not only to slim down my waist but I personally find it difficult to over eat when I’m wearing it, so for me it’s like built in appetite control!
  3. Under garment… its not exclusively what the Waist Trainer is meant for but since it does do a bloody good job sucking me in, I use it (especially the nude with the boning)
  4. Selfies! Since my initial reason for trying the Waist Trainer was seeing Kim K in a selfie with one like 5 minutes after having a baby, this is obvs at Plus it makes my Waist look tiny & my kahunas look massive, it screams ‘look at me, I’ve lost half a kilo’!
  5. Waist Training. Ermm..this seems kinda obvs but it with a little more time, it works to lose that tummy fat quickly & build abs once the rolls are gone (until the next big holiday!)

No doubt the more you use them the better the overall results however you have be up for the commitment! If you are, well worth it.