Waist trainers are clearly a trend here to stay. If you search ‘waist trainers’ you will be overwhelmed with hundreds of options around the type of waist trainer you may need.

A waist cincher, a waist corset, a sweat belt, a kylie jenner thingy-mi-bob. It is all very overwhelming. So, how do you know which waist trainer is right for YOU.

What is a waist trainer?

Dubbed the ‘modern day corset’ it is something that is worn around your waist in order to increase perspiration in a focussed area. It comes in many different fabrics and styles and also doubles as ‘shape wear’ because it naturally brings in your waistline for a small appearance around the core.

Best Waist Trainer

So, what does a waist trainer do?

When fastened around your waist, the trainer creates compression in your core which stimulates the perspiration in the waist area so essentially this is focussed fat burning around your core. A waist trainer provides posture support & correction. Can earn you a waist measurement reduction of up to 4 inches within just 30 days (worn for just a few hours a day)

So, now that we know what it does, what factors should you consider when choosing a waist trainer?

A waist trainer can be appropriate for all body shapes and sizes. While there are hundreds of waist trainers to choose from, there are few things that you must keep in mind to purchase the best waist trainer, like below:

1) Ease of Breathing

A waist trainer is built like a waist corset and fits tightly around the waist. While you want fat loss around the waist, it is very important to be able to breathe properly while wearing the waist trainer. So, ensure that you can stand, sit or walk around while wearing the waist trainer. Also, the waist trainer should be adjustable. A traditional classic black waist trainer, (hyperlink) may take more time to put on as it uses hooks, however it is more durable and sturdy around the whole core. 

2) Comfortable to Wear for your needs

You can match your style, colour, look and feel of the waist trainer. While choosing a waist trainer in Australia check the fabric, whether it has a pin and hook, zip or velcro placement, and if it has boning. These are important factors so that you can wear the trainer to suit your fitness routine. For example, if you’re time poor and have huge long term goals around waist training, you would pick your favourite colour and style of velcro trainer. If you need a quick and easy trainer for just perspiration (less for back support) then you would go for a sweat belt. The ultimate posture support would be a steel boning clip waist trainer.

3) Pick the Right Fit

Appropriate measurement of the waist trainer is also important, if in doubt, it’s best to go a size up as the waist trainers are adjustable. Check out the Waist Trainers Australia size guide. Also if it doesn’t fit, there is a really easy exchange process as long as it’s still as new.