Fat-Burning Waist Trainers F.A.Q.

Latex Waist Trainers have rbecome an international craze and
dubbed the “modern-day corset” due to its fantastic ability to assist in posture support and waist training. It’s latex core increases thermal activity and perspiration hence it’s ideal for workouts and to help maximise work-outs.If you are new to waist training, you are likely to have a lot of questions so we hope the following gives you some more insight

Some waist trainers have no steel boning, plastic boning whereas the majority on the market have 4 steel bones in their trainers. We wanted only the best for our customers and have opted for a range of trainers with 9 steel bones, top quality latex and a soft cotton (with 4% spandex so the cotton can stretch) lining.

Our trainers are designed to maximise comfort while achieving results fast.

High-intensity training which burns fat is recommended, in combination with abdominal exercises. It’s important to note that you can never over exercise an unhealthy diet, so if you want to see amazing results with your waist trainer, a healthy lifestyle including healthy eating and regular exercise is essential.

It is important to ease yourself into your work-outs with your waist trainer as it will elevate your core temperature and heart rate. Whilst this makes work-outs more effective, make sure you hydrate and go at your own pace without over exerting yourself.

Do not waist train while pregnant.

Waist training is a great way to speed up the post baby body process, however it is advised to talk to your doctor first regarding waist training post-pregnancy (especially if you had a C-section.

Waist training should not hurt when done properly. You will feel compression in your waist, abdomen, and midsection area which can be uncomfortable at first until your body gets used to it. The pressure should not be harmful to the body and if you do ever feel abnormal pain, you should cease use.

Our advice, listen to your body. Most of our success stories have been from women taking their time and working up their training efforts. Giving their body a break when they need it and still getting great results over a matter of weeks.

Sizing is imperative as we cannot offer exchanges or refunds on undergarments for hygienic reasons. We have tried and tested the below sizing chart which will guide you in what size is right for you.

When in doubt, it’s advised to go a size up as the waist trainers are adjustable and run small.

1. The waist trainer should be worn underneath your clothes to promote heat and perspiration.
2. Start on the row that you will feel comfortable with (usually the first, loosest row).
3. When putting the trainer on, wrap it around yourself situating the bottom of the waist trainer above your midsection or the area that most protrudes outward. The hooks should be on the right side, and the eyes on the left. Sucking in helps 😉
4. Start with the bottom hook first. Grip the trainer from the bottom (one hand on each side) and overlap the two sides until you can fasten the bottom hook. Keep in mind, the trainer has some stretch to it. Don’t worry about where the trainer is positioned at this point – we will pull it down and adjust in the next step.
5. After fastening the bottommost hook, pull the trainer down slightly over your midsection. Move your hands to grip the trainer around the middle now and fasten the next hook from the bottom. Gradually work your way up, securing the rest of the hooks and pulling the trainer down to position it as needed. It is normal for some of the hooks to unfasten as you move upward – simply rehook them.
6. Move your hands upward as you work your way up until you get to the top hooks. Grip both sides of the trainer with each hand from the top as you secure these final hooks. Adjust your trainer so that it sits, straightened, throughout the length of your torso.
Our waist trainers will aid workouts by increasing body temperature and sweat production, as well aiding core strength and stability. Apart from using our waist trainers to assist in your work-out goals, they give you a slimmer waist by 2-6+ inches immediately so ideal for wearing under that ideal outfit to flaunt your curves.

We receive a lot of feedback around our trainers also helping with the following:

Posture support & back pain
Appetite Control
Weight Loss
Shape wear
Stomach toning & waist reduction

Whether you’re trying to get your post baby body back, looking to trim a few inches or looking to accelerate your body goals – waist training is an effective way to get your started and assist in achieving your desired body shape.

Latex waist trainers can also assist in back pain as the spiral steel boning the corset offers posture support.

No our waist trainers are not dangerous at all. There are some associated health risks with wearing a waist trainer for an excessive amount of time e.g. over 18 hours a day (or overnight) which could harm internal organs and cause breathing difficulty resulting in feeling dizzy.

For this reason, we encourage our waist training warriors to wear their waist trainers for a maximum of 7-9 hours per day, this way you will see results without seriously comprising your health and wellbeing. We strongly recommend when starting waist training to only wear the waist trainer for 2-4 hours a day for the first few days and gradually increase the time by an hour every few days when you feel you are getting use to your waist trainer and it is becoming more comfortable.

Lay Waist Trainer on a flat surface
Take a warm damp cloth/sponge with mild soap and lightly clean the inside liner
Turn waist trainer over to the latex side and gently wipe
Let garment air dry on a flat surface
Once garment is dry, fold to keep its structure
Do Not Iron

Do Not Soak

Do Not Twist

Do Not put in Washer/Dryer

Do Not Bleach

Sizing is imperative as we cannot offer exchanges or refunds on undergarments for hygienic reasons. We have tried and tested the below sizing chart which will guide you in what size is right for you.

When in doubt, it’s advised to go a size up as the waist trainers are adjustable and run small.


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