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Like a lot of women these days, I had 2 kids in my late 30’s and so once I hit 40, everything was heavier and more saggy & I thought I had little hope of it ever bouncing back. I had spent the last couple of years focussed on the kids and truly thought it wouldn’t be possible to get myself to feel like the ‘old me’ again. I tried a few diets and joined a gym but nothing was working. because I was never fully committed.


One day I was getting changed in the bathroom with those fluoro heat lamps & saw my reflection & it was bad. In an instant I made two big decisions, I was going to commit to a longer term healthier lifestyle AND I would begin to go walking, 5 days a week AT LEAST.

I decided to try Keto for the diet and I remembered my Waist Trainer. I tried it after my first kid and I remember it worked then but that one was way too small now as it was 4 years old. As I had specifically gained weight and had a lot more sag around my tummy area, I thought it couldn’t hurt to try it again but this time instead of a clip style, I went for a velcro waist trainer. As a busy working mum, it was the perfect solution for me to pop around the waist and get out for my walk.

There is no shortcut to attain it. However, mark my words, waist trainers can help your body change shape. No wonder that it is a favourite among celebs across the world (Kardashian waist training made it famous, then there’s Kylie Jenner & her sweat belt).

Anyways I can talk about it all day but I took photos of my body on day 1 then some progress along the way. For a timeline comparison, this was Day 1 and then end of month 1 and end of month 2:


What did I learn by wearing a waist trainer regularly (3-4 days a week):


  • Prepare to sweat – There was nothing more sweaty than me on day 1 trying to do a fast paced walk with my waist trainer, it was both gross and liberating all at once!
  • A waist trainer holds in your waistline, and so when you wear it, you absolutely have no choice but to keep a good posture and ‘sit up straight’ so this was a bonus.
  • For the few hours a day that I wear it, as I am kept ‘tight’ in my waist area, I cannot eat too much and need to pee alot but this is also helpful in my journey (as long as I am near the loo)
  • You feel damn sexy! Okay so whilst it’s an exercise aid, it’s also a waist shaper so when wearing it, my waist appears so much slimmer and breasts higher, so it can double as shape wear when you want that extra tummy support.
  • You lose weight in general if you’re eating a healthy lean low carb diet like I do, but with a waist trainer, it is very much concentrated around the core so whilst a waist trainer alone won’t make you lose weight, it will concentrate that loss in the tummy area.

The verdict

I am obsessed with my waist trainer, when I wear it, I walk with more confidence, I feel better about myself just with the support I feel it gives me and I have concentrated my fat loss around my waistline. So 41 isn’t too old to give something a go that you thought it was too late for!!

Now it has become normal for me to eat low carb and wear my waist trainer on regular walks, okay so it’s a good angle but unedited, so this is me today (I took the waist trainer off for this pic):


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