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Waist Trainers Australia is dedicated to bringing the best quality waist trainers and sweat belts to Australia & New Zealand. Passionate about providing waist trainers that give results, we are constantly innovating our product offering ensuring we have the latest on trend styles locally in Australia made with high quality fabrics and attachments for durability and outcome.

We are here to empower anyone starting their waist training journey, or looking for additional support with their health and fitness goals.


Since 2015, Waist Trainers Australia have assisted thousands of women with their waist training goals, from mothers re-training and strengthening their core post-birth, people looking for a fitness aid to assist in their body goals and people who are wanting to overall feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin.



Lose up to 1-4 inches within 30 days…


Quality spiral steel boning allowing strong posture support during work-outs and day-to-day wear.


Immediately cinches your waistline 1-2 dress sizes whilst burning fat and toning your core


Designed to increase body temperature around your core, increase perspiration and detoxify stubborn cells around your mid-area.


Our sports waist shapers are a fantastic aid to your work-out regime, making work-outs harder by sweating more and training your core during exercise.


Your success is ours! We offer our customers an extensive Getting Started to Waist Training Guide e-book with all purchases

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Classic Black Waist Trainer

Our most popular trainer in 11 sizes

Zip & Wrap Compression Trainer

Our most aggressive waist trainer


We love our waist trainers and love that thousands of our customers love them too! Check out the latest customer pics and waist training reviews:

"These photo's are just only 6 weeks apart & I'm shook! I have lost inches from my waist in just a few weeks... I'm less bloated. I'm just overall slimmed down to a size I feel comfortable"


“I had a goal to lose 3 inches off my waist for my wedding and achieved it in just under 2 months, I ended up having to get my wedding dress taken in further!”


“After having 3 c-sections to get my babies in the world with me safely .. my recovery this third time around is a little slower and to help my abdominal area back into place I started wearing my waist trainer from Waist Trainers Australia from week 8 postpartum and I have seen results after the first two weeks”


“This is the most comfortable waist trainer and I prefer this over all the other brands I have bought. So highly recommend”


"It's given me my confidence back. I can feel sexy in tight clothing and it really supports my bad back. I even dared to wear a bikini after 2 big babies with my perfectly imperfect flaws and I totally rocked it!"


“I have bought 2 waist trainers and a waist trimmer from Waist Trainers Australia and they are so comfortable and easy to wear. I wear one daily under clothes and the other one I wear working out, which helps me engage my core, sweat more around my stomach and feel more stable when weight training. I have been using it for about a month and have already noticed that my waist is narrower and my silhouette smoother.”


“I have been waist training for less than 3 months now and have already lost 5 inches off my waist!”


“I originally got a waist trainer to wear to work because I work at a desk and drive in traffic for hours and I was getting a sore back from slouching so much. It helped my back so much I was sitting up so much straighter and the added bonus is that it it slimmed down my waist. I love the way my body looks now and I’m so happy with the waist trainer!”

Kristen Kerr

Celebrity Waist Trainer

Waist trainers have taken the world by storm; people from all over the world are clamouring to get their hands on the simple wearable tool that can take the persistent inches off of their waist. Celebrities have sworn to its effectiveness (Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and more). The boom of the industry means that more people have heard the stories, seen the results, and are believing them. These people are taking a chance and decided to buy waist shapers for their own benefit, but how does the waist trainer work?


Waist trainers are wearable pieces that look similar to corsets, and function in much the same way. They’re very different, however, in that while corsets forcibly shapes the body, causing damage to the body’s internal systems, waist trainers do so gently. Instead of squishing everything to conform to a compact size, our waist trainers hold the body just enough to facilitate a curvy figure, as well as help the body adopt a favourable shape.

In addition, buying waist trainers can also help people lose weight while they workout. When a user wears Latex Waist Trainers, they increase thermal activity and perspiration around your core section, which accelerates your waist loss, fast-tracks tummy toning as well as supporting your posture in the process.


The idea of using the modern equivalent of training corsets to achieve an hourglass figure isn’t new, in fact the technology to create the current latex designs have been around for years. But buying waist trainers has been mostly restricted to the United States because of geographic limits and shipping times.

Fortunately, Waist Trainers Australia is based in Australia for your convenience and for fast reliable shipping. We have sourced and sorted through hundreds of waist shapers and have selected the highest quality for maximum results for our Waist Training warriors.

Join thousands of women globally who have achieved waist loss, posture support and INSTANT slimming results with latex waist trainers.If you’re unsure of the size of waist trainer that best fits your body, check out our sizing chart for an easy to understand and accurate summary of the kind of measurements we follow. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly through our contact page for questions and inquiries regarding any of our products and services.Our goal is to give everyone the most pleasant shopping experience for waist trainers.

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