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Regain Your Confidence and Pre-pregnancy body with Waist Trainers Australia

While nothing can bring you more joy than having a baby, the changes in your body after pregnancy can really dent your confidence. A postpartum waist trainer can really support the process of getting your pre-pregnancy body back.

Many celebrities (Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Cardi B to name a few) used a waist trainer after pregnancy to get their pre-pregnancy bodies back, so it is not a new concept. The practice of using cloth or wraps to compress the waist area after childbirth is actually a practice that has been dating back centuries which has evolved and adapted into what we know today as waist trainers or sweat belts.

What Can A Postpartum Waist Trainer Do?

Waist trainers can help you lose inches off your waist and improve your posture. When it comes to postpartum compression, additional benefits include;

  • Velcro attachment, for flexible fit for fluctuations in your waist size after childbirth.
  • Internal boning – For lower back support whilst core is healing
  • Firm fit to support the healing of abdominal separation 
  • Get your pre-pregnancy body back faster 


How Does A Waist Trainer Work?

Waist trainers raise the temperature around your core, thus accelerating perspiration. As a result, when you wear a waist trainer after pregnancy, you sweat in a more concentrated area around the waistline and your body releases toxins, tones your tummy, and ultimately supports your posture. 

What Type Is Right For Me?

We have 3 designs for postpartum waist training.

  • Velcro Waist Trainer – High-Elastic fabric that provides targeted compression and is easy adjusted with our powerful velcro attachments. Highly effective for lower back pain and great for workouts and walks with bub.
  • Waist Trainer Sweat Belt – This is the Kylie Jenner way of waist training. This sweat belt is highly recommended for postpartum due to its boning which supports your core and lower back as well as promote increased perspiration. 
  • Waist Trainer Wrap Band – Our most customisable waist trainer yet, this will wrap and mould to your body post pregnancy with the ability to size down or up. This waist trainer comes in one size and fits size S to 4XL. 

If you cannot decide between them, check out our postpartum waist trainer and sweat belt pack.

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