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waist trainer sweat beltWaist Trainer Sweat Belt
Waist Trainer Sweat Belt
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Sauna Wrap
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Want to streamline your waist the Kylie Jenner way? Whether you want to tone your tummy muscles pre or post-pregnancy or you are looking for perfect abs, waist sweat belts can help!


Sweat belts work as a catalyst in enhancing perspiration and releasing toxins from the body when you work out. When you perspire, your body sheds excess water weight, toxins, and burns calories, thus helping you achieve a toned stomach. The sweat belt also supports your upper body and helps in supporting your posture. So if you want to get more from your workouts, waist training sweat belts are for you.

Some of the benefits of a sweat belt from Waist Trainers Australia are:

Neoprene Sweat Belt

Our sweat belts are neoprene. Wrap a neoprene sweat belt and it’s easy to go about your day. These high-quality belts ensure maximum sweating. These are made specifically to boost your perspiration and help enhance the results of your workout. The material is 100% latex-free. We provide an inner lining to the belts that repel moisture and ensure that these do not slip.

Custom Fit

If you are looking for a sweat belt to work then you must buy one that fits you perfectly. The Velcro closure ensures that the sweat belts can fit a broader waist size. It is highly flexible to your shape and contour so as you start to get results, it’s easy to simply tighten the velcro.


You can use our waist trainer sweat belt for a long time. Neoprene built material is easy to care for and maintain. The belts have a double stitched trim that makes the belts more durable and a snug fit.


If you are looking for a multipurpose sweat belt in Australia, our sweat belts are the best. These can be used for a lot of shaped women of all ages. Whether you want to use it while doing household chores, at the gym, or on your walks; these sweat belts are the best choice for flexibility. Besides giving you a well-toned figure, regular use of our waist sweat belt help in core sweat, which ultimately leads to inches lost from your waist.