When waist trainers started to get popular in about the middle of the last decade, many dismissed it as an Instagram phase among those who wanted a shortcut to a tiny waist. But as the weeks became months and the months became years, many sceptical people started to take a second look at these ‘comfortable corsets’ that were also affordable, helped you shed pounds, improve posture and spine alignment, support the bustline, boost your confidence and re-tighten the waist after pregnancy. Waist trainers hit such a popularity peak that devotees were even keeping them on after hours, prompting millions to wonder: “Can you sleep in a waist trainer?”

The answers that you’ll find out there with just a few clicks of internet research are mixed, ranging from ‘Meh’ to ‘Of course’ all the way to ‘Of course not!’

Can you sleep with a waist trainer on?

So what’s the truth? It’s already a fact that hours of waist training per day – no matter what you’re doing – is perfectly good for you. In fact, any extra hour of use here and there – whether working out, keeping busy at work or chilling out on the couch – strengthens the core, speeds up fat burning, corrects and enhances posture and keeps that all-important motivation high to achieve even more.

Another fact is that dating all the way back to the 1500s, it’s undeniable that people often wore corset-like garments to bed, believing every extra minute will help them achieve that coveted hourglass figure. But is it still a good idea today?

We recommend our waist trainers are worn for up to 7-9 hours per day. So if you’re wearing it throughout the daytime, sleeping with one overnight as well is excessive. There are other reasons why we do not recommend waist training while you sleep. It offers little to no benefit as your body is inactive during sleep so there is little thermogenesis that will be happening and is not good for blood circulation.

So you should be active to get the most from your waist trainer, not sleeping! Regardless of this information, some people do choose to sleep in a waist trainer. If that’s you then please ask yourself…

1. Are you comfortable?

While traditional corsets are made of very stiff materials with rigid ribs/stays, today’s waist trainers are much more flexible. That means that normal movement is no longer restricted as in the past. That being said, wearing a waist trainer can be uncomfortable for sleep. So if you’re going to get some shut-eye in your waist trainer, the quality of your sleep will likely be compromised.

2. Can you breathe?

The anti-waist trainer movement claims that breathing is restricted if you wear these products at night – and no one denies that they aren’t worn tight. But they’re also designed so that all the benefits of waist training are achieved without restricting breathing. Loosen your waist trainer before sleeping in it if that’s what you choose to do.

3. Are you damaging your waist trainer?

Another common suggestion is to check that your favourite sleep positions are still just as comfortable when you’re wearing your waist trainer, whilst some users also suggest experimenting a little with pillow positions. But it’s not that simple – people toss and turn in different positions all night. Long term this could take a toll on the waist trainer itself, reducing it’s effectiveness.

4. Did you break it in?

Just like you’d do with a fancy new pair of shoes before a big event, it’s best to break in your waist trainer before getting comfortable and confident enough to wear them longer and in different situations. Your waist trainer will subtly adjust and mould to your body over time, because we all know that all of us are different shapes and sizes. If you notice that snoozing in a waist trainer is causing any difficulties like acid reflux, just stop sleeping in it.

Still not sure? Ask Waist Trainers Australia

Just like our motivations, goals, habits and bodies all differ, so too do all the impressively different waist trainer options in an ever-expanding catalogue and market. Here at Waist Trainers Australia, we’re constantly shaking up, tweaking and innovating our full and stylish product range, so if you’re just getting started or need to get in touch for some advice, don’t be shy!