Latex Waist Trainer

Kim, Khloe & Kourtney Kardashian have broken the internet with their love for waist trainers by posting their improvements and and themselves in the latex corsets on social media and more. Any why not? We receive feedback daily on how amazing our latex waist trainers are and the results they produce!

There seems to be hundreds of companies and ebay sellers now selling the infamous latex waist trainers with their increased popularity and it’s hard to pick where to buy from. With a spike in interest in latex waist trainers comes a lot of questions in what are you actually buying? Where are you buying from? And are you buying a quality product that will deliver results? Here’s a great checklist to get you started before buying a waist trainer online:

Buying a Waist Trainer Online

1. How to define top quality? Quality Latex Waist Trainers contain (you guessed it) 100% Latex core, spiral steel boning in the trainer and quality cotton and or cotton/spandex (sports trainers) lining. Ask these questions and ensure your latex waist trainer is in fact what you are purchasing and not a cheap imitation.

2. How many steel bones? There are many companies that claim they have the above, latex & steel boned trainers. It’s best to ask the question of how many and the quality including the length of the trainer. Latex Waist Trainers with 9+ steel bones have proven far more effective for posture support and overall capability of the garment and the best bit – they are being sold for the same or similar price!

3. Where are you buying from? The world of online shopping can sometimes create a lot of confusion on who you are buying from and where. Companies may claim they are within Australia or give the impression they are by using “Australia” in their name, etc. How to work out if they are local? Check their local shipping address on their website as well as most reputable online Aussie websites will have a in their web address

4. Shipping & Returns – Does the company have a shipping agreement in place? If shipping from within Australia you should be guaranteed your order within days or even sooner! If there is a problem with the garment – is there a return or refund policy in place to protect yourself?

There are so many benefits what latex waist trainers can bring for you which is sad why there has been negative feedback caused by international companies offering inferior products and incorrect information.

We are sure the above advice helps making your decision when purchasing your waist trainer and we are so confident in our offering we encourage you to even check out what others are offering.

Our passion is for waist training and are proud to be the official “Waist Trainers Australia” offering quality latex waist trainers in Australia, fast & free shipping and stand-out customer service to match for our Aussie Waist Training Warriors.

x WTA Crew