Postpartum body recovery can be a difficult journey. Your body has gone through so many changes over the 9 months of pregnancy, and can often take as long (if not longer) to start feeling a bit more yourself.

For me, I really needed all the support I could get as I did not have the time of flexibility to be able to work out having a newborn and 2 year year old to look after. This is where I decided to use waist trainers to help accelerate results.

I worked really hard after my first baby to get my post-pregnancy body back. When my body did finally bounce back, I promptly fell pregnant with my second (Murphy’s law right?). It made me feel good about myself getting back to my pre-pregnancy size the first time (took 18 months the first time and was mainly procrastinating!) so I wanted to get started sooner after my second.

post partum waist trainer

How I did it and what waist trainers I used

I alternated between the waist trainer sweat belt and Velcro waist trainer and wore at least 5-7 days a week for around 4-7 hours on and off. I used size M for both waist trainers and went from 80cm waist to 73cm in the photos above (around 5 weeks apart). I’m also still the same weight in these photos which isn’t bothering me too much as I know I’m building muscle and also losing fat and water gain.

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